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AIDI Long Distance Mix

This mixture has been specifically developed for long distance racing. Pigeon racing is getting increasingly professional, with each competition requiring specific preparation.

Pigeons that compete in longer distance races are often faced with challenging conditions, so you want your pigeons to be well prepared. Our AIDI Long Distance Mix is guaranteed to offer a good balance between the different types of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This is particularly crucial for this type of competition, where your pigeons need to race efficiently and at their full potential.

Yellow cribbs maize, wheat, red millo, white dari, pealed oats, paddy, round rice, cardy, hulled sunflower seeds, linseed, rapeseed, hemp seed, millet, canary seed, vetch seed, katjang idjo, toasted soy, maple peas, green peas.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 14.5
Crude protein: 16.9                          
Digestible protein: 8.9
Carbohydrates: 47.1
Energy content: Kcal. 3713
Crude fibre: 8.2
Omega ratio: 4.9 - 1

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