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AIDI Probiotica Plus

AIDI Probiotica Plus is a highly concentrated prebiotic and probiotic mixture that enhances the pigeon’s natural resistance and immunity.

AIDI Probiotica Plus promotes and stimulates a good intestinal flora and helps to strengthen the natural resistance, as a result of which our pigeons are less likely to fall ill. There is a high concentration of lactobacillus in AIDI Probiotica Plus, which nestles and multiplies itself in the mucus membrane of the small bowels. As such, they promote a good digestion of nutrients, while suppressing pathogenic bacteria and moulds. This in turn leads to greater vitality, excellent health and soft plumage.

User instructions:
3 measuring spoons (15g) per 1kg of feed, moistened with AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra.

Once a day for three days after an antibiotic treatment or vaccination.
1 day before basketing to improve fitness.
2 x per week during moulting and breeding.

Available in 500g.

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