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AIDI Extra Power Snoepmix

Pigeons are often in for a treat: they occasionally get a handful of sweet seeds or peanuts after a training flight. They are fond of it, and it can be useful tool to condition your birds.

“Candy” is not something you would associate with top athletes, unless you turn it into a refined and complimentary mixture. We opted not to include perilla or milk thistle seed in our other mixtures, but our AIDI Extra Power Snoepmix is packed with them. By giving each pigeon a small portion after each training flight, we make sure every bird gets the recommended daily intake.
These seeds can also be used as a final treat before basketing: its high fat content then serves as a power boost right before the race.

Hulled barley, white dari, pealed oats, round rice, hulled sunflower seeds, linseed, rapeseed, hemp seed, millet, canary seed, katjang idjo, perilla seed, milk thistle seed.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat:  17.3
Crude protein:  14.8
Digestible protein: 8.4
Carbohydrates: 37.2
Energy content: Kcal. 3588
Crude fibre: 9.0 
Omega ratio:  4.2 - 1   
Available in 5 kg & 20 kg.

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