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AIDI Mix 1

AIDI Mix 1 is part of our race mixture assortment that is tailored towards shorter as well as longer distance competitions.

AIDI Mix 1 is easy to digest, easy to absorb and it produces few waste products. This enables your pigeons to fly longer and faster, and it boosts recovery, which in turn makes it possible for them to train and race at a higher intensity.
The crude fibres that we added to our AIDI Mix 1 has cleansing properties and keeps the intestinal flora in optimal condition. The digestible protein content in our AIDI Mix 1 will help their muscles recover, while the relatively high fat content provides them the energy they need when working towards their next goal.

Bordeaux maize, cribbs maize, wheat, barley, red milo, white dari, paddy seed, cardy seed, linseed, hemp seed, millet, canary seed, buckwheat, katjang idjo, toasted soy.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat:  7.3
Crude protein: 12.4
Digestible protein:  7.3
Carbohydrates:  59.9
Energy content: Kcal.  3277
Crude fibre: 7.1 
Omega ratio: 5.6 - 1

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