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AIDI Girl Power

AIDI Girl Power is a highly tailored mixture, designed specifically for racing hens with a demanding training and racing schedule, covering between 300 and 700km every week.

AIDI Girl Power is a purposefully developed and scientifically sound mixture of different sources of carbohydrates, fat and protein. This results in a mixture that is easy to digest and easy to absorb, while producing fewer waste products. It enables pigeons to cover the thousands of race kilometers more economically and more efficiently.
In addition, the crude fibres in AIDI Girl Power will ensure that your pigeons’ intestines function properly and consistently. It helps them maintain optimal health throughout the season, and it allows for quicker recovery, even after the most grueling races.

Small cribbs maize, bordeaux maize, wheat, barley, hulled barley, red milo, white dari, peeled oats, paddy, round rice, cardy, hulled sunflower seeds, brown linseed, rapeseed, hempseed, millet, canaryseed, vetch seed, katjang idjo, toasted soy.

Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 13.1
Crude protein: 14.6
Digestible protein: 8.4
Carbohydrates: 49.8
Energy content: Kcal. 3622
Crude fibre: 8.6 
Omega ratio: 5.6 - 1    

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