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Team Noël-Willockx develops AIDI concept

Eddy Noël has more than 40 years of experience in pigeon racing. He spent several of those years working as a nutrition specialist developing a wide range of high quality, well-balanced feed mixtures and supplements, tailored to modern-day pigeon racing and designed to help your pigeons perform at their absolute best.

Eddy is an authority on nutrition and supplements for racing birds and he has always been eager to share his knowledge, hosting numerous lectures on nutrition, darkening and lightening, getting better at breeding and racing, the young birds’ competition, creating a healthy environment in your loft, etc.

He and Ivan Willockx are racing as the Belgian combination of Team Noël-Willockx. As a former professional football player, Ivan knows a thing or two about top-level sport. He currently works as a pigeon agent, which means he visits fellow fanciers on a regular basis. As such, he is quite familiar with the daily needs of top level pigeon fanciers.
In other words, these are two specialists in their field, and they know what it takes to get and keep a body in top form, ready to deliver top results.

And they have many excellent achievements at home and in other lofts to back this up.

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