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AIDI Super Kweek

AIDI Super Kweek is a highly unique science-based breeding mixture: AIDI Super Kweek not only lets you breed youngsters that mature perfectly, it also helps your older birds develop and maintain optimal fitness.

It is a highly diverse source of digestible protein, which provides all the building blocks that your young birds need in order to properly develop, giving them every opportunity to become strong athletes.
The carefully  selected grains and seeds, rich in fat, make this a highly digestible mixture with nutrients that are easy to absorb. These nutrients, along with the many crude fibres in this mixture, will keep your youngsters and their parents in good fitness, even after several rounds of breeding.

Thanks to its unique formula, our AIDI Super Kweek matches the specific demands of breeding birds. The parents will be happy to dig in and share it with their youngsters without spilling anything.
AIDI Super Kweek is a perfect choice for fanciers that leave nothing to chance. 

Bordeaux maize, Cribbs maize, wheat, Red milo, white Dari, pealed oats, Paddy, round rice, cardy, striped sunflower seeds, peeled sunflower seeds, linseed, rapeseed, hemp, Millet, canary seed,  vetch, Katjang Idjo, toasted soy, maple peas, green peas, yellow peas.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 12.8
Crude protein: 16.4
Digestible protein: 8.8
Carbohydrates:  49.1
Energy content: Kcal.  3608
Crude fibre: 7.7 
Omega ratio: 3.2 - 1     

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