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AIDI Super Rui

Our AIDI Super Rui mixture was created specifically to compensate for the increased protein demands during moulting season.

Thanks to its easy absorption, a diverse range of digestible protein, an optimal ratio of omega 3-6 fatty acids and its additional amino acids – specifically for the moulting season –, this mixture will ensure a healthy moult and the growth of quality feathers. With its updated formula, AIDI Super Rui is even less strenuous on your pigeons.
As such, AIDI Super Rui helps pigeons maintain their excellent form whilst ensuring a proper moult.

Bordeaux maize, cribs maize, wheat, barley, red milo, white dari, pealed oats, paddy, cardy, sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, linseed, rapeseed, hempseed, millet, canary seed, vetch seed, katjang idjo, toasted soy, peas.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 13.0
Crude protein: 15.13
Digestible protein: 8.49
Carbohydrates: 49.24
Energy content: Kcal.  3586
Crude fibre: 8.58 
Omega ratio:  3.6 - 1  

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