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AIDI Health Elixir

AIDI Health Elixir is a tincture of 20 different herbs and plants. Their properties include antioxidant activity and blood circulation support.

This in turn promotes the shedding of the fluff feathers during the moult, and it gets your pigeons in top form more quickly. AIDI Health Elixir improves resistance and it enhances the immune system, supports the airways, it increases oxygen intake and it stimulates the appetite. When used several days in a row, AIDI Health Elixir gives your pigeons’ chest muscles a pinkish color, and their noses and eyelids will turn nice and white.

User instructions:
Add 20ml of AIDI Health Elixir to one litre of water or 600g of pigeon feed for 20 pigeons.

To prepare for the breeding or moulting season: use 8 to 10 days before pairing or before the start of a race.
Racing season: use once or twice a week after a race.
Moulting season: to be administered 3 to 4 times a week.

Available in 1000ml.

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