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AIDI Condition Booster

This specific combination of vitamins, amino acids and minerals serves as the perfect fitness tonic.

It is particularly suited for getting and keeping your pigeons in excellent fitness throughout the racing season.

AIDI Condition Booster activates the metabolism, it improves endurance, it increases oxygen intake and it considerably enhances muscle function. It also combats fatigue and muscle cramps.

AIDI Condition Booster leads to excellent fitness and it boosts energy levels and energy reserves, which in turn significantly enhances performance.

AIDI Condition Booster works even better when used simultaneously with AIDI Carbo Boost.

User instructions: Add 30ml per kg of complete feed or 10ml per litre of drinking water. 

Racing season: the day before basketing.
After illness: 2 to 3 days.
In case of poor training due to bad fitness: 2 to 5 days together with AIDI Carbo Boost.

Available in 1000ml.

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