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AIDI Speedy Sprint - NEW

AIDI SPEEDY SPRINT is a specifically formulated mix with a particularly high carbohydrate content. These different types of carbohydrates are formulated to ensure that pigeons enter the basket with a completely filled carbohydrate tank. They are also easily and quickly digestible and provide large amounts of immediately available energy.
Pigeons reach their top speeds when racing on carbohydrates. This mix also allows them to maintain that higher speed for longer, which undeniably ensures a faster homecoming. AIDI SPEEDY SPRINT can be used for races up to 100-150 km but also for all further flights with one night basket. You should only give it on the day of basketing. The build-up of energy from fats happens earlier in the week.

AIDI Speedy Sprint Mix can only be used on flights with 1 night basket. It does not matter whether that flight is 50 or 350 km long. Only the weekday feeding plan will differ according to the distance to be flown. This mix should give maximum yield when provided at will on the day of, and until, basketing.
It is a wrong idea to think that if you stopped feeding pigeons on basketing day, they will run in more smoothly the day they return home. They may do so but, due to the fact that they went into the basket without energy, they will still not have their full power at their disposal.
Pigeons that do have the reserve tank full can and will smoothly fly 2 to 3 minutes per hour of flight faster, and then they may linger for another minute before running in. They are then still ahead of these that were not fed on the day of basketing. Besides, it is rather being motivated that makes pigeons come in more smoothly and not immediately 'hungry'.
TIP: if you want your pigeons to continue training, give them 1 or 2 meals of AIDI SPEEDY SPRINT.
Analytical constituents:
Crude fat:                           4.6
Crude protein:                  10.5
Digestible protein:              6.2
Carbohydrates:                67.4
Energy content:      Kcal. 3315
Crude fibre:                        2.7
Omega ratio:                5.9 – 1
Cribbs maize, bordeaux maize, wheat, hulled barley, red milo, white dari, peeled oats, round rice, brown linseed, hempseed, millet, canaryseed, katjang idjo.
Available in 5 & 20 kg

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