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AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra

AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra is a blend of omega 3 oils to which lecithin is added.

Its daily use helps balance the ratio between omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and this in turns leads to pigeons with better health and fitness. This unique mixture also provides your pigeons with additional energy, which allows them to recover more quickly and to perform better in races. AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra contains lecithin, which leads to increased and more efficient absorption of fatty acids in the body. This enables pigeons to cover more race kilometers more often. Lecithin is also known to enhance the pigeon’s brain function and orientation. AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra gives your pigeons tight and smooth plumage.
User instructions:
AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra can be poured over the food on a daily basis throughout the year: during moulting or breeding, and especially during the racing season. To be administered once daily, preferably in the evening, mixing 5 ml into 1 kg of feed.  AIDI Omega Plus Oil Extra will also make it easier for powdered supplements to stick to your pigeons’ feed.

Shake well before use.

TIP: Mix the oil into their evening meal in the morning, so that the oil has enough time to get properly soaked up.

Available in 500ml.

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