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AIDI Chelats

AIDI Chelats is a unique, concentrated mixture of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in chelated form, specifically for racing birds.

The benefit of chelates is that they get fully absorbed by the body, which means it becomes easier to correct any nutritional deficiencies.
AIDI Chelats can be used to address a drop in fitness in your racing team, to significantly speed up recovery after an illness or after using medicines, and during the breeding or moulting season. It also provides essential support during the racing season.
A demanding race schedule inevitably leads to an increased demand in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our AIDI Chelats, when used regularly, are guaranteed to compensate for this, hence keeping your pigeons in great form.

User instructions: add 10 ml to 1 kg of feed.

During the racing season: Sprint: every month – middle distance: every three weeks – long distance: every two weeks if they are raced every week & every three weeks if you basket them once every two weeks – extreme long distance: use once a month.
In the breeding season: once a week for pigeons that raise youngsters.
During moult: once a week

Available in 250ml.

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