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AIDI Mix 2

Thanks to its new formula, our AIDI Mix 2 now meets the demands of your athletes even better. We carefully selected a number of small-sized grains and pods that will improve balance and digestibility.

As with all of our mixtures, we also increased the nutrient content by adding organic dried corn, which is higher in sugar and starch.
Racing birds have high protein requirements. It is crucial, however, that not the crude protein content but rather the digestible protein content is high enough, if you want your pigeons to successfully complete several races in a row. The key to success is a proper balance between maintaining a healthy metabolism and providing the necessary amino acids. AIDI Mix 2 can be used up until three days before a race.

Bordeaux cribbs maize, small yellow cribbs maize, wheat, red milo, white dari, peeled oats, round rice, cardy, linseed, rapeseed, hemp seed, canary seed, katjang idjo, toasted soy, small green peas.

Analytical constituents:
Crude fat: 11.40
Crude protein: 15.23
Digestible protein: 8.07
Carbohydrates: 51.92
Energy content: Kcal. 3551
Crude fibre: 7.54 
Omega ratio:  3.5 – 1

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